Compelling Insights on Planning Alternatives

Founded in 1995, Targeted is a niche advisory firm with a long history and a broad network of resources - a glowing example of what can happen when bright minds gather to optimize planning solutions.

The Targeted team and our associates are a group of professionals with decades of industry experience. We have the knowledge required to design any strategy that best suits the complex and sophisticated needs of high net worth individuals, families and foundations. We offer compelling insights on a range of planning alternatives for our clients and will work with business owners and their advisors to ensure the alignment of values and vision with individual succession, tax, philanthropic and estate planning.

In addition to our expert in-house team, we are backed by an extensive group of major Canadian wholesale lending, legal, accounting and actuarial associates. We rely on these experts to ensure that our unique strategies comply with best practices in business planning, as well as Canadian provincial and federal guidelines. We are licensed in most Canadian provinces as well as in the US, enabling us to easily facilitate cross-border planning situations.

With a level of customer service that is second to none, the Targeted team ensures that each client receives dedicated and personalized attention. Throughout the duration of a strategy, we conduct regular client reviews and monitor performance to ensure consistency with client objectives. In fact, Targeted is proud to state the majority of our clients since inception remain clients today, many having revised or expanded their strategies in response to market events and the growth of their businesses and personal net worth. Our success is tied directly to the success and loyalty of our valued clientele, as well as to the hard work and dedication of the Targeted Team.

Brilliant strategies to help private businesses grow and prosper.