Amy Short

Executive Assistant

Amy began at the Targeted Strategies Group (TTSG) in the spring of 2022 as an Executive Assistant (EA). She has been an EA for 13 years, across multiple industries and for leaders with different dispositions. Amy says this has enabled her to tailor her communication style to support any executive.

When asked what values drive her professional behavior, Amy says teamwork, noting that everyone is at TTSG to make the company successful. She finds the collaboration at TTSG to be inspiring, and she loves how the team can help families ease their worry about future planning so they can continue enjoying their lifestyles that they have worked so hard to have. Amy says success is being able to take care of her family and going to bed every night knowing she did her best. Her personal motto is I can and I will.

Outside of work she is driven by family and friendships. When she’s not working, Amy can be found supporting her son and his hockey team, taking spin classes, hiking, practicing reiki, and spending time outdoors with her Pomsky dog. She has been involved with Symons Valley Hockey Association for five years and is a member of Calgary Women in Energy. As well, Amy was on the board for Hockey Helps the Homeless and on the Gordie Howe Pro-Am committee.

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