Chris Germaine

B.Ed., CPA

Account Manager

Chris, an accomplished Account Manager at TTSG, leverages his diverse professional background to facilitate impactful strategies for clients, helping them in saving money and planning for the future through life insurance. With a Bachelor of Education degree from the U of S and a CPA designation, he brings a unique skill set to the table. His typical day involves client meetings to discuss policy year plans, consultations with banks to reduce costs, and data compilation for financial planning.

Drawing on a rich background that includes a role as a Senior Accountant in the agriculture sector at MNP and nine years dedicated to teaching and career counseling, Chris has accumulated a wealth of experience. His commitment to excellence shines through in the meaningful moments he helps create and cherishes, especially when clients express gratitude for the transformative service provided by TTSG. This dedication extends beyond the professional realm, shaping both his behavior at work and in his personal life, where Chris continues to embody the values of hard work and effective communication.

At TTSG, Chris draws inspiration from the dual impact of helping clients solve problems and build wealth. His career goals within the organization include continuous learning and providing the best possible service to clients, with success defined by his ability to contribute to clients' goal achievements, reinforcing his commitment to making a positive impact. Outside the corporate arena, Chris finds solace in various activities such as hockey, golf, running, biking, camping, hiking, and spending quality time with his family and dog.

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