Daniel McAllister


IT Systems Lead

Daniel joined The Targeted Strategies Group (TTSG) in 2020 and is an IT Systems Lead. “I have developed patience and persistence in dealing with IT-related issues and the ability to drive down to the root of the issue,” he said. “I excel in fast-paced environments with constant scope changes and enjoy finding new ways to overcome challenges.”
Daniel says IT impacts everyone differently, and everyone’s levels of understanding and comfort are unique. “I enjoy reacting to each person differently and working with them where they are. Empathy, understanding, and patience can go a long way, especially when systems or programs are not functioning as intended,” he said.

Many years before working with TTSG, Daniel was an armed guard for a cash solutions company. “The job included driving armoured cars, transporting money and valuables, filling bank machines and carrying a gun. I still have an excellent shot,” Daniel said. Daniel is now excited for his role at TTSG. “I have been searching for a position where I can apply my strengths and be appreciated,” he said. “I am looking forward to using my training and knowledge to make the lives of those around me easier.”

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