Dustin Bone

IT Systems Administrator

Dustin is an IT Systems Administrator at TTSG where he ensures the continuous operation of our organization while delivering outstanding IT services. Prior to joining TTSG, Dustin served as an IT Consultant for three ½ years and gained further expertise during a 2-year period as an IT Systems Administrator. In this role he provided support to a network spanning eight hundred users and forty dealerships across Canada.

Dustin holds a diploma from Saskatoon Business College and pursued Computer System Technology at SIAST, forming the foundation for his dedication to IT excellence. His diverse skill set includes teamwork, adaptability, technical proficiency, creativity, and networking. His motivation revolves around shaping impactful positive user experiences with the IT related products and services they rely on. This is evident in his core values and his motto: "Solving tech problems with a smile | Making IT work for you."

Beyond work, Dustin treasures time with his family. He also enjoys collecting historical items, gaming, and has a passion for various genres and styles of music. This passion has led him to a fulfilling and enjoyable experience in learning to play the guitar.



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