Eamonn Kichuk


Market Research Analyst

Eamonn joined The Targeted Strategies Group (TTSG) as a market research analyst in 2019 where he assists with client research. Eamonn has a Bachelor of Arts in business economics from York University and worked as a financial assistant before joining TTSG. “With my previous experience of dealing with people’s financial matters, I’m able to transfer that understanding on finding the precise information that my employers and colleagues request and write it in a simple format,” he said.

His position as a property management assistant taught Eamonn about the challenges of communication. “The number one thing I learned while at that job was you can have a problem, have five people aware of the problem, have two of those people think it’s not a problem, theorize four different ways of solving the problem, solve the problem, and still have one person who thinks it’s a problem,” he said. “This helps me at TTSG by being able to communicate efficiently with the team.”

Eamonn values honesty and intensity and allows this to drive his behaviour both professionally and outside of work. At work he said he also values results. “I enjoy the results-oriented environment here mixed with the great people,” he said. When he’s not at work, Eamonn is training to be a track and field Olympian.

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