Ige Epia

MBA, B.Sc.

Account Service Representative

Ige joined the Targeted Strategies Group as an Account Service Representative. He holds an MBA in Marketing and a B.Sc. in Business Management and along with his experience in relationship management, customer service, compliance, and sales, Ige brings a well-rounded skill set to his position.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to responsibility, accountability, and respect for others, Ige is involved in solutions and model discussions within his role at TTSG, collaborating with the team to facilitate timely progression of each client file. Additionally, he prepares policy renewals, drafts documents, and provides support in servicing both new and existing policies. His dedication to upholding high standards and promoting a harmonious working environment makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

Ige is motivated by his family, whose support and happiness drive him to give his best effort in everything he does. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, engaging in social activities, networking, learning, and positively impacting people. He enjoys reading, watching soccer, playing ping-pong, and indoor board games. Additionally, Ige volunteers with a team dedicated to facilitating the smooth settlement of new immigrants in Saskatoon.




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