Pascal Lambert Paradis


Client Manager

Client Management

Pascal joined The Targeted Strategies Group (TTSG) as a client manager in the fall of 2020. He brings a strong background in accounting and financial management, including a CPA, CA designation, a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Bachelor’s degree with majors in both accounting and finance.
Pascal held many significant roles during his 10+ years experience in the mining industry: from external auditor, passing by capital project management, to corporate FP&A and operating mine site Senior Management Team functions. He most recently worked as finance and administration manager for Musselwhite Mine, Goldcorp/Newmont, where he was part of the team that dealt with the largest insurance claim of the mining industry, globally, for the year 2019. This previous role helps him at TTSG by giving him experience in a complex environment that is in a constant state of movement, interacting with multi-level departments. He also has international work experience in Spain, Guatemala, and the Ivory Coast.
Pascal defines success as reaching or surpassing targets. “Often grit is the main determinant to how successful one is,” he said. He wants to be remembered as someone reliable who does what he says, and as someone that you can count on.
Pascal speaks three languages fluently: English, French, and Spanish. When he is not working, he enjoys cooking and wine tasting, travelling, and exercising.

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