Ryder Epoch


Financial Analyst

Ryder Epoch joined The Targeted Strategies Group (TTSG) in 2019 where he worked for a year as a Student Analyst while finished up his degree. Once graduated, he transitioned into his current role as a Solutions Analyst.

Ryder has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, where he graduated with distinction in finance, and a background in business development. “Working with mergers and acquisitions, I gained skills in problem solving and client relations,” he said.

A competitive edge and passion for results were developed through a lifetime of competitive sports. He played a year with the Medicine Hat College men’s basketball team before transitioning to the University of Saskatchewan to pursue his degree in finance. Ryder is driven by not only results and goals, but also by his responsibility to the client and his co-workers. He said he finds it inspiring to unlock the clients’ financial potential. Ryder’s favourite parts of working at TTSG are being challenged by files and the relationships he has with his co-workers. “It’s a very challenging and friendly work environment,” he said. When he’s not working, Ryder enjoys golfing, fishing, cooking, and recreational sports.

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