The Targeted Strategies Group is proud to announce a $25,000 donation to the Emergencies and COVID-19 Response Fund at the Canadian Red Cross.

“Giving is one of our core values as we help our clients identify opportunities to optimize their own philanthropic giving and increase their charitable impact,” says Susan Kichuk, CEO of The Targeted Strategies Group. “This holiday season, we are proud to support an organization that has had a broad impact nationwide. Volunteers at the Red Cross have worked tirelessly to support Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our hope is that this donation will assist them to continue this mission.”

Learn more about our donation here.

Through the Emergencies and COVID-19 Response Fund, the Canadian Red Cross can assist families, individuals, and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fund also provides disaster relief and recovery to Canadians through its domestic programs and services. Here are some of the ways the Red Cross is helping:

Assisting vulnerable populations: The Red Cross has been providing supplies, including cots, blankets, and clean-up kits, upon request by local authorities to various locations across the country to help support vulnerable populations.

Virtual care and friendly calls: The Red Cross offers virtual care over the phone in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. This is done through providing referrals, while also providing guidance and emotional support to help people through isolation.

Working with Indigenous communities: The Red Cross has been working with Indigenous Communities through their partnership with Indigenous Services Canada to help communities across the country to prepare for and respond to COVID-19.

Deployment of field hospitals, training and Health Equipment distribution: The Red Cross has been distributing wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, hospital beds, and IV poles to support people in their recovery at home through their Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP). Also, at the request of the Government of Quebec, the Red Cross has been supporting long-term care facilities and providing PPE equipment to front line workers.

Services to Canadians returning home: The Red Cross supports Canadians returning home through registration and information services, the provision of personal items, meal delivery service, safety and wellbeing support, and family reunification.

Supporting Community organizations: Assisted by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, the Red Cross has been able to provide grants, PPE, and training equipment to community organizations.

Learn about the COVID-19 Response from the Canadian Red Cross here.