Many of us will reflect on the challenges we faced this year. The global pandemic, economic roller coaster and the changes we experienced in our personal and professional lives created an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and stress. We also observed the strength and kindness of people who supported each other in the community and on the front lines. As 2020 draws to a close, there is a growing sense that we will emerge stronger having been through this experience together.

At The Targeted Strategies Group, we remained focused on what matters most – developing insurance solutions for our clients’ complex needs. This year, despite the economic slowdowns, we created new roles in sales, solutions and strategy and have continued to invest in research, development and technologies to better serve our customers.

Resiliency was a key topic at our year-end employee meeting. We had a virtual visit from Erica Wiebe, Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist in freestyle wrestling, as she discussed the importance of staying in the game amid setbacks. I am delighted that she was able to share her experiences and insights with us.

This holiday season, we are proud to support the Red Cross Canadian Emergencies and COVID-19 Response Fund with a $25,000 donation. The Red Cross has had a broad impact nationwide and their volunteers have worked tirelessly to support Canadians during the pandemic. Giving is one of our core values and this donation adds to the important causes that we support. We hope it will assist the Red Cross in their mission.

Looking towards 2021, the team at The Targeted Strategies Group is ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead with resiliency, agility and gratitude. We wish you the best for the holiday season and look forward to working together in the new year.

Susan Kichuk, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
The Targeted Strategies Group